Brand Ambassador

Let the whole team become ambassadors by doing the following:

1. Give Employees Outlets to Share Their (Relevant) Views

Your content team can help guide them onto topics that might resonate with your audience, while giving them both the freedom and support to shine.

2. Educate Participants on Social Media Best Practices

If your company already has social media best practices, lift the curtain. Find fun, entertaining ways to communicate your brand standards on social media

3. Give Brand Ambassadors Real Recognition

Feeling like you are part of something is one of the most vital parts of being a brand ambassador.

4. Encourage Employee Reviews on Glassdoor

5. Make Ambassadors Part of Your LinkedIn Strategy

When it comes to B2B, LinkedIn is the undisputed king of leads.

6. Close the Loop with Surveys

Like other aspects of your operations, your brand ambassador program should always be getting better. The simplest way to drive improvement is with surveys given to your brand ambassadors after training and at regular intervals from then on.

7. Have a Statement of Values Ambassadors Can Get Behind

Values bring your company down to earth. They give each employee something concrete to measure their actions against besides the bottom line. They give your brand the human touch.

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