Don't Quit

Author Rob Steffens
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Success is worth seeking and fighting for – but it rarely comes easy, no matter who you are.

Even the greatest success stories include hardship, setbacks, and dark times. Iconic leaders whose works shape our world today all had days when they looked defeat in the face. Likewise, they had moments when they could have compromised on their dreams.

If you feel like giving up, these success quotes can put you back on the road to success.

The Person: Satoru Iwata


This Japanese coder and business leader guided Nintendo into the 2000s as its fourth president, beginning his tenure in 2002. Building on Nintendo’s imaginative approach to gaming, he innovated habitually, differentiating the brand and paving the way for the hit Nintendo Switch.



The Quote


We do not run from risk. We run to it.
source: IGN


The Meaning

Nintendo laid the foundation for what gaming is today, but Satoru Iwata was never satisfied to do things the way they’d always been done. He pushed for products that bring gamers of all ages into a totally new relationship with the brand and its hardware.

By doing so, he reinvigorated Nintendo for a new generation. The question: Where are the worthy risks you could be taking?

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