Great American Packaging

Great American Packging is Investing In Koenig & Bauer-Flexotecnica EVO-XD Press.

Vertically-integrated manufacturer of custom printed flexible packaging foresees additional automation, greater efficiency, and capacity.

Today’s flexible packaging market is driven by two influencing demands. Sustainability and sophisticated colorful branding.

Sustainability is a key trend especially for manufacturers of food and retail products. New mandates from government and major retailers are driving the demand for eco-friendly alternatives to non-recyclable multilayer stand-up pouches and films.

Manufacturers are also being asked to produce recyclable multi-layer pouches and films with sophisticated colorful artwork in a cost-effective manner.

Great American Packaging, a vertically-integrated manufacturer of custom printed flexible packaging, is being asked to extrude, print, and convert top-notch branded products for businesses in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Founded more than 50 years ago, the firm focussed on customer loyalty and new customer growth. This focus ensured success. “We have grown and evolved exponentially in recent years,” says Greg Gurewitz, GAP’s CEO. They added advanced equipment, invested in training for their workforce, and aimed for new and exciting products. In the last eight years, we have grown an astounding 75%.” While the firm now operates as a mature, sizable company, its core beliefs in customer collaboration, problem-solving and industry-best standards drive Great American Packaging’s operations at every level, every day.

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