Seven (7) habits of a good marketer.

Building positive habits daily is the way to become a great marketer in a company. It is not done in one day. Practice and time are needed to succeed.

Habits in the Office

1. Challenge Yourself to Get the Most From Every Marketing Asset.

Most digital marketing assets start as blog posts. Reuse blog posts into ebooks, video scripts or social media posts. When you discover how easy it is to transform content into fresh forms, you’ll have a strategic multiplier for your future efforts.

2. Track Your Productivity – and Your Time – and Strive to Do More.

Monitoring your time makes it easier to see how efficient you are at certain tasks and which ones are in need for improvement. For the best results, track specific tasks. Also figure out where your delays come from. Manage distractions.

3. Define a Self-Learning Path.

It starts with a conscious effort. Set goals for taking online courses, reading books, or attending events. Stay on track with progress. Shift your goals as appropriate.

Habits Out of the Office

1. Read Marketing Blogs.

The more you read, the easier it’ll be to come up with your own compelling content topics.

Here’s how:

  • Subscribe to your favorite marketing blogs. 
  • Curate the best content for you.
  • Dedicate 15 to 20 minutes every day.

2. Share What You Learn.

Sharing your insights with others will sharpen your creative thinking and allow you to adapt new ideas in your day to day practice.

You could:

  • Start your own blog where you discuss industry topics and trends.
  • Post LinkedIn updates recommending the best blogs you’ve read.
  • Leave resources and information for your colleagues on Slack.
  • Teach others on your team to implement new tools or techniques.

3. Double Down on Personal Branding.

Craft a personal value proposition and be sure it’s clear and present across your entire digital footprint.

4. Know Your Priorities.

Every night before bed. When you clarify priorities at night and review them first thing in the morning, you’re setting an intention. You will go forward in a direction that is well though of instead of going with the wind.

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