Seven (7) Interesting Customer Service Podcasts

There are thousand of Podcast to listen to. Which ones to choose?
1. The Modern Customer
Interview with top executives and talk about technology, talent development, and customer experience. Emphasis is made on customer service in B2B transactions.
2. Creating Disney Magic
You are invited behind the scene for leadership talks. The topics vary widely: handling conflict in the workplace, addressing emergencies, creating unique customer experiences, pursuing leadership development.
3. Experience this
A mix of big ideas and actionable takeaways.
4. Focus on Customer Service
This one talks about improving customer service on social media.
5. Crack the Customer Code
Crack the Customer Code is sharing about a game-changing culture of customer service.
6. The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show
Change management meant to achieve the best ever customer service organization.
7. What it means
What is Means discuss about quality research on customer service topics. Easy to understand and use, the latest data is yours with What it Means.

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