The Foam Recycling Coalition

Almost every day, we use polystyrene foam. Where does it goes next? In the trash can when you are finished with it. Would you rather be recycling it instead?

The “Foam Recycling Coalition” is created to support the recycling of post-consumer expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging. One hundred and fourty (140) companies processing or using recycled post-consumer foam, including foodware, in the U.S. and Canada were found. There is a rising demand for recycled expanded polystyrene.

The next goal is to assist residential material recovery facilities in recycling post-consumer polystyrene foam. Among the product to recycle are polystyrene foam foodservice packaging, such as cups, containers and dinnerware; processor trays; egg cartons; and transport packaging. Subsidies will be granted to buy foam recycling equipment. Technical assistance will be provided to organisations that are managing foam product.

Recycling of the polystyrene foam is now possible and actually in demand in U.S. and Canada.

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