Workplace culture: written and unwritten rules on how to do things.

Companies, division, team have their own culture.

 A workplace culture that encourages everybody to reach their full potential is definitely a good one. When the workplace culture prevents people to be as efficient as they can be, it is time to evaluate, analyse change some behaviors and attitudes.

 Clearly stated and awareness of values is a good start. Stating why things are done a certain way lead to a better understanding.

 Here are some of the best workplace culture

  1. Hubspot, the leader in inbound marketing listen to their employees, Innovation is encouraged. The best fit between talent and clients is Hubspot focus.
  2. Salesforce, a leader in sales assisting software and one of the most socially responsible company. Driven by the executive team, social issues are addressed, encouraging volunteerism and community engagement to the employees.
  3. Hilton Hotels is a friendly hospitality that provides an end to end concierge experience. Every employees are welcome to bring fresh new ideas so the organization is adaptative.
  4. Intuit, the financial software. Culture is clear and simple: Do the right thing. New ways to deliver core promises through integrity and positivity are welcomed. Every employee is encouraged to stretch their thinking.
  5. Adecco Group, the Human Resources agency invest in training: 100% of applicant for the annual training scholarship got funding.
  6. DHL, the Worldwide carrier. The company cares for its employees by providing learning platform. Also, health is promoted through long-term programs.
  7. Mercado, a leader in e-commerce encourages creativity, learning and career development.
  8. Cisco, pioneer in computer networking. Ethic and honesty hep them build strong bonds with customers, vendors and every employees.
  9. Daimler Financial, the automotive financial services. Transparency promotes the sens of ownership.
  10. SAS, the analytic leader value people by offering benefits. Schedules are kept realistic so the stress-level is under control.


 How often is a core value represented in companies that have a good workplace culture?

  1. Encourages Creativity/Innovation. (3)
  2. Offer or subsidies Training/Education. (3)
  3. Listen to employees. (3)
  4. Career development. (2)
  5. Best fit between talent and clients. (1)
  6. Socially responsible. (1)
  7. Volunteerism and community engagement. (1)
  8. Health. (1)
  9. Transparency. (1)
  10. Schedules are kept realistic. (1)

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