Write Product Descriptions and Sell

Product descriptions bring customers into the sales funnel. Conversion rates are improved when telling your product’s benefits. Photography is best to draw attention. The description helps find out if the product is the right fit. Offering a solution to a frustrating problem, within the product description will help get more sales, lower refund rates, and build customer trust.

Product Descriptions is about telling features and benefits of a product. Among the feature and benefit, solving a problem lies comfortably. What customers gain from using your product, is also a benefit. What separates your products from others on the market, are features. If you can, make a customer laugh, it builds the bond between your brand and the customer. 

Words to use:

















Words to avoid:







Stay accurate otherwise, the trust is damaged. If several people notice that the material is thinner than expected, mention it as an asset. It gives your customers an honest expectation of the product before they receive it. Be honest to highlight its strengths.

Help your customers envision themselves using your product. Make them part of your product’s story. Keeping it casual. Use contractions like you’re, you’d, who’d, etc.

How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

1. Write a genuine description

2. Make it easy to read. Use spaces, organize with bullets

3. Be aware of the audience

4. Tell a Story

5. Test It

6. Spell Check

3-Step Product Description

  1. Complement the prospect in relation to the product. Make the reader laugh if possible.
  2. Mention the product benefit and features.
  3. Provide a simple recommendation.

For example, if you’re selling princess slippers :

Like a princess, you’re one of a kind. These slippers are made with pure cotton velvet for an easy clean. Pair this set with our princess night gown for a complete set.

If you’re selling a ball dress:

Nothing will flatter your curves better than this ball dress. Made of light weight silk, this dress will hug your body on all the right spots while highlighting your silhouette. With a pair of dancing shoes, you’ll complete your look to help you look flawless.

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