DCTTEC Gummed Paper Tape - 96mm X 450m

Printed Gummed Paper Tape - 48mm(1-7/8po) X 450m(1485pi) .

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 If you want a design to be printed on your rolls, simply send the Pantone Colors numbers, the design and any instructions to info@dcttec.com.

Our offer include the following:


  • 48mm (1-7/8po)
  • 72mm (2-13/16po)
  • 96mm (3-25/32po)

Length is 450m (1485pi)

You may set one, two or three colors to print a design on the tape or you may have it plain.

The minimum purchase is

  • 40 rolls of size 48mm(1-7/8po) X 450m(1485pi) / only 16 for qualities 3WR and WR
  • 28 rolls of size 72mm(2-13/16po) X 450m(1485pi) / only 8 for qualities 3WR and WR
  • 20 rolls of size 96mm(3-25/32po) X 450m(1485pi) / only 4 for qualities 3WR and WR